[Stoves] Strata combustor general principles

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first of all, your stoves and thoughts about TLUD's are very interesting. And in my opinion

 the venturi-concept, you are talking about, -how ever managed- will be generally the next important step for better burning; - and for less blacked pots!!! 

A presumption I made a year or two ago: 
The (nominal-) power rate of a good working stove has a more or less narrow relation to the grate-surface, and/or the burning-chamber-volume.

 I calculated the given numbers of some different commercial stoves.  My calculations confirmed my guess.
I dont remember the numbers, but it is easy to calculate the numbers out of available commercial data.

Additional I remind to Crispin's postings, some time ago:
He reported, that he made the burning-chamber of some coal stoves in Ulanbaator smaller, by just filling some space of the burning-chamber-space with bricks. And some surface of the grate. In combination with special incending-procedure, that gave better burning; even by transforming the may of stoves there, there was an enormous reduction (more than 90%) of air-pollution. 
So I suspect, if you would use the right-balanced amount of burning-chamber-volume, you could get a step forward.  The volume within the venturi-riser-burner-tube should be included in the calculation; but in the tube there will be, -hopefully- a burning some similar to a LPG or NG flame, which will afford less volume. 
You could take the power-rate which you achieve with low emission, for extrapolating the stove dimensions for your desired 5 kW output.



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