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(snip) Whereas, if you think back to the thread about producing salt
from seawater, coal is formed in an environment where it is in a
superheated aqueous environment under pressure sufficient for the
water to have dissolved heavy metal salts with otherwise low
solubility but now super saturated, release the pressure, lower the
temperature or flash off the water et voila a carbon rich seam with
precipitated heavy metal compounds.


>> It would improve the discussion if we started to use more numbers.
10X as much mercury in a particular coal compared to wood? 1000X?  1.5X?
As I mentioned earlier, the emissions toxicity from a given piece of
eastern American hardwood can vary by
1000X, depending entirely on the appliance and the operator, ie., how you
burn it. That number is based on measurements.
Different than heavy metals, where the appliance and the operator likely
have no influence except
maybe the flyash escaping.

In the current media circus around VW and their 2009 - 2015 TDI diesels,
I saw a Facebook meme with a 19th century coal train sporting a giant VW
logo filling the sky with smoke.
In fact, the emissions in question are NOx, not particulates. The cars have
a diesel particulate filter, so you can in fact take a
white glove and run it around inside the tailpipe. Virtually zero

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