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*Schedule for the 2016 Char Production Gathering (CPG)*

*(Intentionally flexible and subject to changes).Version 2016-08-04*

Registration information is 

*Friday 19 August:*

*Morning:From 9 to Noon,*

The CPG overlaps with the final hours of the Aprovecho Stove Camp that 
will be comparing and evaluating the stoves and test results of the 
previous 4 days.While the Stove Camp activity is in the main large 
meeting room, the CPG attendees will gather in the dining room/kitchen, 
with the following agenda (the order could be changed to suit the needs 
of the participants):

1.Registration (everyone, upon arrival)

2.Identification of specific interests and abilities of the participants.

3.Opening remarks by Paul Anderson and Paul Taylor.

4.Orientation about the facilities at Aprovecho Research Center (our 
host location)

5.Overview of char production technologies and understanding the basic 
terminology.The technologies are “traditional”, “retort”, “TLUD”, “FC 
(Flame Cap or Flame Curtain)”, and any other methods that can be 
relatively inexpensive and for small to medium size operations.

6.Setting up (but not ignition) of CPG demonstration units for char 
production.Units are available for viewing (to see construction) before 
they become hot.Introduction to issues of fuel supply, especially for 
our CPG.

7.Focus on TLUD char-making, including the latest on cookstoves.That 
could include a short summary of the results of the week-long Aprovecho 
Stove Camp event, especially the char-making aspects.

8.Moving upward in size, we discuss and see the latest in barrel-size 
TLUD gasifiers, featuring the newest model by Norm Baker, including its 


1.Lunch will be a make-your-own-sandwich event (ingredients provided).

2.Making sure that everyone knows each other at the CPG.Identifying 

3.Orientation about FC (Flame Cap) technology for char 
production.Presentation by Paul Taylor.

*Afternoon:About 2 PM to 5:30.*

1.By 2:00 PM we would like to begin igniting several FC and TLUD char 
production devices.Expect to be outside, in the sun (wear a hat and 

2.FC devices include:

FC Kon Tiki (Taylor et al.);

FC Cone kilns (Kelpie Wilson, who will arrive Saturday morning);

FC Troughs (designs by Karl Frogner and Michael Shafer in Thailand; 
presented by Paul Anderson);

FC C4 kiln (Paul Anderson);

And any other FC configurations.

*Dinner and evening presentations / discussions:From 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM*

Dinner in the Aprovecho dining room will involve a joint effort to be 
decided upon in the morning by the attendees.Options include “we cook 
it” and “pizza pre-made” and combinations.(Reasonable dinner expenses 
are covered by the event registration fee.)

Evening presentations:Attendees are encouraged to speak about their 
char-making experiences.Any further material about TLUD and FC methods 
can be presented.It is likely that “focus groups” will be formed for 
various topics, with findings reported on Saturday morning.

*Saturday, 20 August 2016*

*Breakfast:*On your own if staying in motels where breakfast is 
provided.Those who are camping are welcome to enjoy simple breakfast 
food (such as cereal and milk and juice) on a DIY basis.

*Morning:8:30 AM to 10:00 and onward to Noon.*

1.Continuation of USE of char-making devices.

2.Further discussions and experiences of making (and improving) 
char-making devices.

*10:00 AM:*Comments and insights about FC char-making, by Kelpie 
Wilson.When she concludes, a *panel *of experts of FC (Flame Cap) 
devices will discuss important issues of FC char-making.Moderator will 
be Tom Miles.Question to consider:How can the results of this Char 
Production Gathering be best presented to others for accomplishing the 
greatest positive impact?


1.Lunch -- make your own sandwiches with ingredients provided, and 
left-overs from previous dinner.



1.*Panel* of experts about TLUD issues for char production.

(Optional to continue to make char outside with whatever devices are of 

2.Summary session:Current status and future prospects for low-budget 
moderate scale char production.

3.We expect to conclude between 4 PM and 5 PM.


Primary discussion topics (there will be people present with experiences 
to discuss):

TLUD stoves and larger devices.

FC devices

Char characteristics

Fuels / feedstocks – Types ranging from straw and stalks to wood and pellets

Fuels / feedstocks – Drying of damp woodchips, etc.(Norm Baker is 
bringing a fuel dryer.)

Social-Cultural-Economic issues of char in affluent societies and char 
in impoverished societies.

Regional experiences with char and char production.

Related topics, but not specifically about char production:

Climate change / global warming / carbon sequestration.

Preparation of char (inoculation, charging, etc.)

Use of biochar and its impact in agriculture.

Use of char and its impact in other ways, such as water filters.

######### Contact:From 8 to 28 August, Paul Anderson can be contacted at 
his mobile phone number:

309-531-4434.And he will occasionally see email that is sent 
topsanders at ilstu.edu <mailto:psanders at ilstu.edu>

Doc  /  Dr TLUD  /  Prof. Paul S. Anderson, PhD
Email:  psanders at ilstu.edu
Skype:   paultlud    Phone: +1-309-452-7072
Website:  www.drtlud.com

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