[Stoves] Maendeleo/Upesi stove: dimensions?

Paul Anderson psanders at ilstu.edu
Sat Jun 25 10:41:03 MDT 2016

Crispin and others who do work in Indonesia,

I thank Xavier for the link about

  Clean Cookstove Models that have Received Government Accreditation in
  the Second Period:

> http://www.tungkuindonesia.org/en/news/2015/11/99/Clean-Cookstove-Models-that-have-Received-Government-Accreditation-in-the-Second-Period.html?month=01&day=01&year=2016&month=02&year=2016 
It is useful for many people to see.  Shows a functional clasification 
system and the ratings of 7 stoves.  There are also (somewhere) the 
results of the First Period of testing.

I would appreciate information about the price in Indonesia (but give in 
dollars or provide the exchange rate) of each of those approved stoves 
(the 7 plus any others).    That should be available.   Please note any 
info about subsidies, etc. so that we can have realistic comparisons.

Less available but of interest would be any information about the number 
of each of those stoves being sold.


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On 6/25/2016 10:06 AM, Xavier Brandao wrote:
> Super, thanks Crispin.
> Besides the Practical Action that Ingelore sent, I couldn't find 
> anything online related to construction of the Upesi/Maendeleo and 
> it's dimensions.
> I would like to know what are the original recommended dimensions, but 
> also the ones of all the stoves that were disseminated. There may be a 
> difference, or not.
> I remembered this conversation about the Keren Super (or is it Super 
> Keren?) and the Indonesia stove program. I looked it up in my emails. 
> You shared some info about the dimensions to Rebecca Vermeer, but I 
> don't think you share them fully on the list? Nor the drawings?
> Using Google, the stove presence remains discrete online, here there 
> is a:
> http://www.tungkuindonesia.org/en/news/2015/11/99/Clean-Cookstove-Models-that-have-Received-Government-Accreditation-in-the-Second-Period.html?month=01&day=01&year=2016&month=02&year=2016 
> Right next to our Prakti Double Burner!
> Is the stove open source? Are you able to share freely the drawings 
> and production instructions?
> Hello Ingelore,
> Thank you for the Practical Action document, I had read it, and I 
> hadn't found mention of the complete dimensions, besides the pot rest 
> mould. It would have been nice to have the full dimensions, once the 
> stove is finished (so the artisan can check if the job was done 
> properly).
> For example, what is the size of the door? Can the full dimensions be 
> found somewhere?
> Thanks!
> Hi Dale,
> "My personal goal is to develop a stove that will burn long enough on 
> a batch of fuel to bring the pot to boiling, then either simmer with 
> minimal tending or (better yet) hold in most of the heat to simmer 
> with the heat from the coals left from the high power burn. The stove 
> would burn large or small wood and possibly wetter wood, which 
> probably means a large combustion chamber. A chimney and a super 
> stable pot would be nice, and I think that's possible. There goes the 
> smoke up the chimney. This summer I'll start working on such a stove, 
> and I will not measure the efficiency, at least not at first. I will 
> measure, and try to maximize, the amount of time between fuel 
> feedings. And always keep in mind the question, if my meals depended 
> on it, would this stove really solve my problems?"
> Now, that's an innovative approach! Also what we try to see is how 
> comfortable the stove is for our users. Here, you are bringing 
> comfort, and improved cooking service. Quicker cooking and less soot 
> on the pots are our users' preferred benefits.
> Keep us posted on your progresses!
> But what precisely interests me is how adoption is linked to a certain 
> size of stove, door, combustion chamber, cooking power. What we try to 
> do is to build on previous experiences, including ours, to move 
> forward and get cleaner and cleaner stoves.
> Best,
> Xavier
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