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I agree with all your points and would only add that production of
high-quality char should be compared not just to different household stoves
like Jiko and TLUDs of diferent types but with larger-scale commercial
production alternatives. I for one don't believe in burdening household
stove projects with any metric other than my plain one - pleasing the cook.
But we can agree to disagree where we do.

I came across something recent that might interest you, and Elisa - cc'd
here - may be able to shed some light on the questionnaire methodology for
for USAID 2007).


On Sun, Dec 3, 2017 at 5:50 PM, Ronal W. Larson <rongretlarson at comcast.net>

> List and ccs
> 1.  Thanks Tom for his tremendous listing of charcoal-related  papers and
> events from more than 20 years ago.
> 2.  What i find missing from this discussion is that all jikos are
> operating most of the time with badly-made char - often with illegal char.
> I started in this business after seeing how badly the wonderful country of
> Sudan has been ruined by extensive (excessive) char usage.  Early stove
> list discussions (initiated and supported for more than 20 years by Tom)
> was on what we now call TLUDs.  It was mostly in the spirit of making that
> char in an acceptable manner.  Many of us believed (and I still do) that
> cooking with a TLUD is much easier than cooking with any Jiko.
> 3.  As time progressed, this list learned (about 12 years ago - from
> papers on Terra Preta) that char could not only be made satisfactorily but
> it had a much higher societal benefit if placed in soil as (now called)
> biochar.  Tom started a list on this new aspect of charcoal before the word
> “biochar” was even officially adopted.
> 4. So I submit that improved jikos should now be compared with TLUDs that
> are superior by every ISO standard measure.  Their restriction to batch
> mode operation is minimal when a few different sizes are in the package of
> utensils - in part because TLUDs also save cook’s time.  But mainly - cooks
> can make money while they cook.  And the produced biochar can help improve
> the supply of food - while taking CO2 out of the atmosphere.  The future is
> not with jikos.
> Ron
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