[Stoves] SNV stove auctions in Cambodia

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Dear Frank and Nikhil

It is interesting that the stove performance rating was made using the WBT4.2.3 and at the GERES lab, because GERES doesn't use the WBT themselves for their stove project work in Cambodia.

They have their own version of the test and created it because of a desire to have the test result have more relevance to performance in use. I am quite certain it was adapted by David Beritault. David was the co-Project Leader writing the Contextual Test section of ISO 19867 before it was split into two documents: 19867-1 (Standard Lab test)‎ and 19867-2 (Contextual Lab test).

David was a contributor to the technical aspects of the CSI test method and is one of the few reviewers to examine all the formulae contained in the spreadsheet.

His effort to constrain the errors of the WBT resulted in an increase in its contextually but did not diminish some of the problems. It is, however, a better test method than the WBT and is available for download on the GACC website under Test protocols.

Finally, the test result says that the traditional stove is 27% efficient. The claimed modest fuel saving of the 'improved stove' is modest because of that number. The number is incorrect (because of miscalculation)‎ and is probably close to 22-24%. This may (or may not) improve the comparison with the improved stove depending on how much char is abandoned at the end.

As usual, the low power metrics don't mean anything because the amount of energy and emissions needed or produced to keep a hot pot hot is not dependent on the mass of water in it.



Your last post prompted this idea - anybody interested in these stoves already winning buyers for Cambodia?


>From a cursory look, it seems like - using WBT and some generic Cambodia traditional stove/fuel mix as the baseline - purported efficiency gains are low and IWA ratings are used.

Nice to see a proof that people buy stoves for whatever reasons they have and that WBT-assigned Tiers or stove type for that matter are not the be-all and the end-all of producing and selling stoves.


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