[Stoves] Understanding TLUDs, MPF and more. (was Re: Bangladesh TLUD )

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Dear Gordon

The MPF in an Adams Report is seen when using small biomass, just as in a TLUD small-fuel pyrolyser. It is also seen in gasifiers that does not make char. The YDD charcoal gasifier (used to run engines) has an MPF and it burns pure charcoal. As Andrew says, it is a natural phenomenon, not something unique to TLUD's (or BLDD's) nor to char-makers.


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On 10 December 2017 at 15:32, Gordon West <gordon.west at rtnewmexico.com> wrote:
> I took a look at the Adams Retort design and watched a few videos. A 
> couple of questions come to mind:
> 1) How does one determine that an MPF exists in an A-R?
Gordon it doesn't, the term is used to describe TLUD a means of producing a wood gas which uses a natural phenomena that works over a fairly narrow range of wood moisture contents and air.

Of course there exist moving regions in a piece of wood as it either dries, burns or pyrolyses  but they were never described as Migrating Pyrolysis Front before discussion about Inverted Down Draught or Paul's term TLUD came into general use.



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