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I attended the webinar also, and have reactions very similar to yours.   
When you mentioned a graph, I kwew which one even before I saw that you 
send a copy of that graph.

On the financial side of fuels for the very poor people, biomass (wood) 
will eventually win out.   Well, at present, wood etc IS the defacto 
fuel of the poor.  What we are doing is trying to provide the advanced 
biomass-burning  cookstoves.   The case for TLUD micro-gasifier stoves 
is stronger and stronger every day.

And LPG will not be an obstacle except while sucking up so much of the 
government support money.   That will change.


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On 12/13/2017 10:44 PM, Ronal W. Larson wrote:
> List  (especially Paul Anderson)
> Today, I listened to the Winrock webinar on LPG stoves.   I expected 
> to be disheartened.  Instead I came away quite happy.  The main reason 
> is this (4-year old) graph (which can have a negative income curve as 
> well - if one makes char while cooking).
> The LPG industry is choosing to pitch their fight against 
> charcoal-consuming stoves, not biomass-consuming.   I say great. Their 
> industry is growing rapidly - and certainly some wood-burning stoves 
> will be displaced as well.  But there is going to be plenty of market 
> left over for money saving stoves.  The LPG business is predominantly 
> for cooking and these folks know their market well (as do most big 
> businesses - and this is big business.)
> There was zero mention of health issues.  Not sure why that route.  I 
> posed that question but it was not passed on.  I believe we will hear 
> answers to all questions after a bit - so I may be able to add more.
> I asked about electricity - and they said that can beat LPG; a 
> surprise.  But char-making stoves that make money don’t have to worry 
> about electricity either as a competitor (where income levels are low).
> There was admission that there was going to be stacking of stoves - 
> one reason being flavoring.  Again a plus for biomass stoves.
> A major claim was that LPG saves time;  so do pyrolysis stoves.
> So the reason I am happy is that they supported  those of us believe 
> that topics like fuel operating costs, time-savings and efficiency 
> matters.  When char-making (TLUDs and others) stoves are making (not 
> costing) money, this webinar tells me that these LPG proponents know 
> that won’t be able to touch them.
> The final speaker was from Envirofit (Ft Collins CO) - pushing PAYGO 
> additions to the fuel canisters (pay per use).  I’ve been a little 
> close to that concept and think it very smart.   He did a good job (as 
> did the LPG top official).   I suppose there is a way to do the same 
> with pellet dispensers  (not necessarily at the home).  The housewife 
> puts a kg of char into the machine and 4 kg of pellets are returned 
> (and/or with money) - if she is a registered customer with a cell phone.
> In sum, I now feel the LPG folk are going to have very tough 
> competition against char (and money) making stoves.  The environment 
> wins on both carbon neutral and carbon negative grounds.  I AM NOT 
> here claiming that char-making stoves are cleaner than LPG, nor that 
> health issues are not important.  They are very important.  Just that 
> there are a lot of biomass-users out there who will like the prospect 
> of saving/making money - this being Paul Anderson’s thesis -agreed to 
> by the LPG industry.  And it will only get better when we have a 
> carbon tax.
> I’ll let everyone know when the video is released - probably a week or 
> two.  (see the PCIA website)
> Anyone else listen and have similar or different reactions?
> Ron

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