[Estufas] [Stoves] LPG subsidy to be removed in Ecuador

Paul Anderson psanders en ilstu.edu
Mar Ago 13 08:23:10 CDT 2013


Thank you!!!   This report and others like it for other places are very 
useful to those of us who potentially work in many different countries.

Are you in Ecuador?   What are your sources?

I have sent this and your message (below) to the Estufa Listserv (in 
Spanish, but many members there read English).   Each country (and there 
are many in Latin America and other regions) has unique situations 
regarding energy supply and policy and culture.   But I think the trend 
is to cut back on or eliminate subsidies on more refined fuels.


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On 8/13/2013 12:49 AM, Andrew C. Parker wrote:
> I have been reading that the Ecuadorian government plans on removing 
> the subsidy on bottled gas for residential cooking, as soon as the 
> generators come online at some new hydroelectric projects.
> This will create considerable hardship for poor and rural households 
> and may result in a switch to firewood and charcoal (and possibly 
> kerosene, which was the primary urban cooking fuel before the gas 
> subsidies kicked in decades ago) on a grand scale.
> Truth is, despite the ecological benefits, the subsidies are 
> economically unsustainable (a major portion of the budget), especially 
> with a state-owned refining infrastructure that is incapable of 
> meeting demand.  There have been numerous and well publicized 
> shortages (which has been a great embarrassment to the current 
> government).  Many people have already returned to firewood cooking in 
> rural areas.
> I can't see everyone running out to buy new electric ranges, and I 
> don't think the new generating capacity can match a massive shift to 
> electric cooking.
> NGO's, both foreign and domestic are frowned upon and it is very 
> tedious and expensive to donate anything (there is a special license 
> required and a not insignificant import duty on donated goods), so 
> academic cooperation and capitalist approaches may be the best option 
> for getting people there access to efficient stoves, or using their 
> gas stoves more efficiently (finned pots?).
> There is no shortage of capable, intelligent, educated and 
> enterprising Ecuadorians (though many get out if they can), so, if 
> they see the need, they will try to fill it.  If they have access to 
> current information and expertise, they can do it better and perhaps 
> more appropriately (though that is subjective).
> There is probably enough ag waste to fuel rural kitchens, but if urban 
> households switch to biomass, it will get really ugly, which would be 
> a shame for such a beautiful country.
> Just a heads-up. I don't know how it will play out over time.
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