[Estufas] Fin del subsidio al gas en Ecuador

Andrew C. Parker acparker en xmission.com
Mie Ago 14 18:25:33 CDT 2013

[Disculpe mi uso de ingles.  Leo mas o menos bien pero es dificil escribir]

I mentioned the following articles on the Stoves list concerning the  
planned termination of the subsidy on cooking gas in Ecuador:




This could open up a market for improved biomass stoves, however, the  
state seems to be pushing electric pretty hard and I wonder if there would  
be official resistance to marketing improved biomass stoves.  Any  
ecuatorianos out there that could clarify things?

I think a Belonio type stove could do very well in rural areas, utilizing  
agricultural waste.  I tried to convince my wife's sobrina that it might  
be a good business to start, but she didn't feel that it could compete  
with subsidized gas (at $1.60 for 15 kilos of LPG, what could compete?) --  
and she has returned to the US.


Andrew Parker

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