[Gasification] Combustion vs. gasification

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Dear Robert
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> Good morning,
> Does anybody know any scientific comparison between combustion and 
> gasification?

Combustion is the purposeful burning of a fuel, while gasification is the 
conversion of a solid or liquid fuel into a fuel gas, for subsequent 

Argument is that  wood chips fired steam boilers and
> turbines are more efficient than syngas fired duel fuel diesel generators.

# "Syngas" is generally intended to mean "a gas mixture used for the 
synthesis of another product." The term is often used very loosely... "wood 
gas" is generally not "synthesis gas", because of contained impurities and 
dilutent nitrogen. The arguement presented above is likely wrong, in that a 
"syngas" would have a definite composition, and would likely permit better 
combustion efficiency than would wood chips, that can vary significantly in 
moisture content. Ask teh presenters of that arguement to clearly define 
"efficiency", and ask them to support their claim with a technically valid 

Best wishes,

Kevin Chisholm

 Any manufacturer has gas turbines small enough to use in 2
> MW power generating? Thanks in advance,
> Robert Kana, Biomass Energy Indonesia
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