[Gasification] Combustion vs. gasification

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>From our work on this subject, the gasification/Otto cycle is the most efficient for small and medium sized facilities, The efficiencies converge as the plants get bigger. We have looked at the Diesel cycle via dual fueled engines but there is no experience on this combination for producer gases. For gases from pyrolysis, the experience is still very limited. It can be done if you use enough Diesel fuel, but it might not be cost effective. The most experience is with Otto cycle configurations, but even that is limited. Advantage of the steam cycle is that is proven. But efficiency is lower.

For 2MW gas turbine, I would recommend an older version of the Solar Centuar 40. They would be about 2 MW at site conditions. Try the Woods Group as a source for these machines.

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Good morning, Does anybody know any scientific comparison between combustion and gasification? Argument is that wood chips fired steam boilers and turbines are more efficient than syngas fired duel fuel diesel generators. Any manufacturer has gas turbines small enough to use in 2 MW power generating? Thanks in advance, Robert Kana, Biomass Energy Indonesia _______________________________________________ Gasification mailing list to Send a Message to the list, use the email address Gasification at bioenergylists.org to UNSUBSCRIBE or Change your List Settings use the web page http://lists.bioenergylists.org/mailman/listinfo/gasification_lists.bioenergylists.org for more Gasifiers, News and Information see our web site: http://gasifiers.bioenergylists.org/ 
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