[Gasification] Webcam on Power Pallet run this week at APL workshop

jim mason jim at allpowerlabs.org
Sun Oct 10 18:21:31 CDT 2010

the webcam is now on and tracking the power pallet run during the workshop.
it is also tracking the activities of people in the vicinity. bear just
drove a forklift through the picture.  see here for the live feed:

the sound is currently coming through as feedback, so we shut it off, but
will try to fix it.  anyways, the new kubota engine is so shockingly quiet
that you couldn't hear anything anyway . . . ;-). well ok, you can hear it,
but i'm amazed how smooth running these kubotas are. it is very odd to have
a proper industrial design engine as this small of size. kubota does very
impressive work.

we're still configuring many details on both the power pallet and the
instrumentation, so we haven't yet started any formal long run tests. this
instrumentation now includes a 6 gas analyzer so we can get proper gas
composition and heating value numbers over the run. keeping a full
instrumentation suite up and running, along with tracking the fuel mass and
moisture input, energy output, and char/ash byproduct, is proving a handful.
the instrumentation is much more difficult than the gasifier we're learning
again . . .

so in short, we're a bit behind as usual. but things should get reasonably
finished through starts and stops today, so we can do a full day non-stop
run tomorrow. we'll likely do that for a couple days before considering an
overnight run. we're seeing we need to step into this, as we just completely
tore apart the whole rig and reassembled it in the last week for the new
engine and genhead. we'll continue on this combination of full day and some
overnight runs until next weekend.

hopefully at the end we'll have some good data clarifying many performance
particulars over real world type long run situations.

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