[Gasification] Heat to enable full H20 Gasification, Digest, Vol 2, Issue 17

Geoff Thomas IMAP wind at iig.com.au
Mon Oct 18 05:23:30 CDT 2010

Hi Guys, I have long been fascinated with the extra output from those  
gasifiers with water added or high water content fuel, - mind you I am  
not an expert nor an engineer, but a renewable energy systems  
designer, and I demonstrate a Tom Reed camp stove at some of my market  
stalls, (got to be careful with the down wind pregnant woman who hates  
any smoke) yeah, market stalls, I am not big time, although quite   
creative in my own area, but it has always seemed to me how  
interesting the possibility of using H2O plus carbon, another oxygen  
lover, to free the hydrogen and then express the energy, - and of  
course there is (probably) no free lunch, if it is a higher energy  
density that we require to enable this then what if we contain the  
whole process in insulation, - then use Solar mirrors to heat all  
incoming substances, (certainly would only work in full sunshine, but  
wood gas is storable), - already Solar Thermal is being used to  
increase the efficiency of Coal fired power stations and Solar thermal  
power stations would work very well with Geothermal Hot Rocks as they  
use the same sort of Heat Exchange system as the hot rock Geothermal,  
(as does Nuclear), - with Geothermal the Sun could provide the heat in  
the day the buried heat at night, - the hot rock storage,  built up  
over millennium would be extended by the Solar thermal during the day  
using the same generator, but not depleting the heat storage deep in  
the earth as much, - similiarly, (sort of) are you suggesting the pre- 
heating of incoming air and fuel may allow a much higher series of  
transformation reactions, possibly more energy productive, and solving  
some of the gasification problems as for instance tars,  it sounds  
like they could be better managed in that environment, and increased  
water penetration, leading to higher quantities of re-actable gas with  
more energy within, perhaps an ideal carbon CO or carbon CO2 to H2O  
ratio, (given whatever required temperature) might be interesting?
The gas could like wise be used at night to generate peak power, or  
whatever usage - sort of like replacing batteries.
Doesn't sound like  easily do-able with transport, hard to get that  
conserving of all heat, but certainly could be very interesting with  
replacing embedded power, - grid or stand-alone.
Of course I understand in the meantime the almost infinite varieties  
of biomass to fuel gasifiers is also relevant, (and fascinating in my  
own experiments).
Think you are on to a good thing here,
Geoff Thomas,
Advanced Wind Technologies.

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