[Gasification] No time for beer in Munich- there's a real live imbert gasifier here

jim mason jim at allpowerlabs.org
Wed Oct 27 20:43:25 CDT 2010

before i left germany, i thought it'd be good to go see the deutsches
museum in munich-- the german museum of science and technology.  the
deutsches museum is somewhat like the louvre of industrial
engineering.  it's absolutely stunning.  every room there's another
mona lisa of an early industrial process, machine or technology. most
all the early internal and external combustion engines are here,
starting with the first- the lenoir that fired up (barely) on town gas
in 1860.

in the transportation building, there is an original imbert
holzsvergasser mounted on a 1938 adler diplomat. this is the first
actual real imbert brand gasifier i've ever seen. here's the pictures
so far (until i got caught removing too many caps to take pictures of
the insides. museum curators just don't understand what's at stake


the first and lasting impressing is these things were really rough.
there is so much mythology about this machine, and really, and really,
mike la rosa could give it a good run for the fabricating money . .
.;-) i. somewhat like the saturn V rocket at johnson space center-
just basic steel and surprisingly mediocore welding. it was funny to
see so many of the same problems and needs solved on the imbert in the
same hack manner many of us still do with a welder and a hammer. i saw
little lost knowledge to rediscover. i saw lots of expedience,
simplicity, and band aids.

still, it was completely fascinating. the base was still full of
charcoal, likely from the last time the vehicle was run over a half
century ago. (note to biochar enthusiasts- charcoal does not degrade
in at least 70 years).

i got one of the side ports off and could see the houglass hearth, air
preheating circle tube, and char sitting up around the bell. i got a
bit dirty, spilled char on the floor, and felt right at home.

can't get under the hood yet to see the carb and reheating parts. i'm
trying to ask for permission (now that i've asked for forgiveness) to
get more access to the unit. i've been given the contact info for the
director of the transportation museum. hopefully i can talk my way
under a few more caps tomorrow. we'll see.

until then, enjoy the pictures. its a real treat to see and touch the
details of how the ancients solved the same problems we suffer today
trying to build these things.


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