[Gasification] No time for beer in Munich- there's a real live imbert gasifier here

Daniel Chisholm dmc at danielchisholm.com
Thu Oct 28 03:13:12 CDT 2010

JIm I agree that the Deutsches Museum is an amazing, must-see destination.
 I had no idea they had a gasifier there, when I visited in 1998 I did not
know what a gasifier was.  It's so great that you've been able to get a
close look at it and possibly an even closer look today.

One part of the Deutsches Museum that impressed me was a display of several
different water wheels and turbines.  By reading the placards you can get a
very tangible feel for the evolution in power density, if memory serve me
correctly from under a hundred horsepower to several tens of thousands, all
of roughly comparable size (man-sized to perhaps 10 feet) but different

I've never seen the Saturn V but if you were impressed with it as a rough
and simple but nevertheless working piece of high tech, you should also keep
an eye out for the BMW turbojet in the D-M from during the war (1943 seems
to come to mind).

If you do get a chance to try the beer I strongly recommend one
specifically.  Go to Augustiner at Neuhauser Straße 27 and have a litre of
their Helles.  Of all the beers I tasted in Munich over three days in 2004
this one was the best by quite a margin, and a beersnob friend of mine
concurs.  In fact this beer inspired me to brew over twenty batches of my
own, and a Munich Helles made in the manner of Augustiner Helles has become
my personal trademark beer.

- Daniel
Fredericton, NB  Canada
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