[Gasification] No time for beer in Munich- there's a real live imbert gasifier here

jim mason jim at allpowerlabs.org
Thu Oct 28 03:28:46 CDT 2010

On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 1:13 AM, Daniel Chisholm <dmc at danielchisholm.com> wrote:

> JIm I agree that the Deutsches Museum is an amazing, must-see destination.
>  I had no idea they had a gasifier there, when I visited in 1998 I did not
> know what a gasifier was.  It's so great that you've been able to get a
> close look at it and possibly an even closer look today.

i didn't realize there are three different sites for the deutsche
museum.  it is actually much more than the one site were you first go.

the main one we with all the engines is the industry bldg.  it has
steam, air and ic engines.  then equally interesting areas on mining,
metalurgy, petroleum, natural gas, electric power generation and
distribution, boats, and some planes, helicopters and sectioned
turbine engines.  also the first german rocket, with fabulous wood

then there is a second museum that is just transport.  that is where
the imbert is.  there is also the largest steam train i've ever seen.
you walk in the door and the first thing is benz's motorwagen of 1880\
or so.  the first motorvehicle.  then a ton of fabulous motorcycles
and cars.  an exhibit of wheels too.  turns out there are a few
different ways to invent them.

then there is another site that is just flight.  maybe aerospace too.
must have derigerables.  not sure about that one yet.

en toto, it's the most complete physical encyclopedia of industry i've
ever seen.  i'm staying a few more days to learn some things.  it is
extremely efficient schooling.

> If you do get a chance to try the beer I strongly recommend one
> specifically.  Go to Augustiner at Neuhauser Straße 27 and have a litre of
> their Helles.  Of all the beers I tasted in Munich over three days in 2004
> this one was the best by quite a margin, and a beersnob friend of mine
> concurs.  In fact this beer inspired me to brew over twenty batches of my
> own, and a Munich Helles made in the manner of Augustiner Helles has become
> my personal trademark beer.

noted and will be on my way there later today.  tahnk you for the
suggestion daniel.


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> - Daniel
> Fredericton, NB  Canada
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