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You say; 
"again, the comedy here is I AM NOT USING THE TERM SYNGAS TO
Just prior to Christmas (2009), I was surprised by a person in our community who had purchased a GEK when he said that he was going to make "syngas" from wheat straw and old hay.  He explained that you had told him that the gas he could expect was "syngas" and he had never even heard the term "producer" gas.  I'll provide his name and phone off list if anyone wants to verify, after I tell him he may get a call.
You have sufficiently proven that there are numerous uses for "syngas" (as a diluted general term) and I have absolutely no power to stop anyone from calling producer gas, syngas. 
Mark, I've never said the sky is falling or that there is an imperative that terms be better defined.  I have clearly stated my feelings that we need more clarity, not less, as I see government and policy makers now confusing these terms.  Dr. Pannesilvam, a professor, is, I believe, an example.  
Envy...perhaps some...I've found real synthesis gas a much harder nut to crack than just saying your making it, or grabbing a torch and welder to make an Imbert style gasification system. How close to making real synthesis gas are you? How many hours of work do you have invested in making anything like synthesis gas or employing the water gas shift to any large degree?   
I'm not sure "envy" is a good description as much as disappointed, that a list I consider to be professionals, cannot agree to call fords fords and buicks buicks.    
Thanks to the many who have contributed to this discussion.  
Have a good new year.   
Toby Seiler

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