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Helo James e Tom

I am  from  northeast Brazil  getting daily digests.
Instead of single one , several messages really help me  to read  off line

   Yours truely
Dr.Pannirselvam P.V

On Sat, Jan 1, 2011 at 5:42 PM, James Joyce <james at jamesjoyce.com.au> wrote:

> Am I the only one getting the "daily" digests every 2-3 messages ?
> On Friday I receevd 12 "daily" digests from the list.
> Great dose of reality coming through from Doug, Bill, Thomas, Bruce et
> al.
> Will the call to commercial reality be headed ? Unfortunately it is
> unlikely, but it has to be said none the less.
> I started in this "game" in 1998 as a mature age PhD student who had
> enough of the daily grind in industry. Unfortunatley I got the bug and
> in 2008 I eventually succumbed to thoughts of doing my own
> commercialisation exercise. I have tried to take what I have read on
> this list and what I have seen working/ not working in the sugar, coal
> and bioenergy industries to learn from the mistakes and exagerations of
> the past. Our emphasis from day one has been to get the materials
> handling working first and the "gasification" second. The result is we
> focussed on developing a mobile moving bed updraft gasifier, which
> really does hark back to the commercial past of gasification. Not sexy,
> and certainly not tar free gas, but it sure chews through a wide varitey
> of feedstocks and provides enough of a "paradigm shift" to provide other
> ways to deal with the gas, char and tar products.
> As of 2010 things look quite positive for us commercially. Howeer there
> is still a long way to go and only time will tell whether we have
> avoided the traps that have befallen so many others.
> Regards,
> James
> www.bigchar.com.au
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