[Gasification] Energy Quest, Inc. Gasifcation Process Can Produce Biochar

Tom Miles tmiles at trmiles.com
Mon Jan 3 13:41:46 CST 2011

EnergyQuest Inc from Nevada is promoting the use of their fluidized bed
gasifier (by Syngas International, Edmonton) for making biochar. 



Syngas International






Does anyone know these companies? They appear to have about a 1 MMBtuh (150
lb/hr) FB pilot gasifier, similar to one built by Fred Moreno, Surlite
Industries, CA,  for UC Davis in the 1980s. They are proposing a 10-12 tph
ag waste gasifier which would generate 150-180 MBtuh gas only.   


Kingsford tried to use a FB gasifier from Power Recovery Systems(Cambridge,
MA) as a charcoal maker in Belle, Missouri, many years ago (ca. 1984) with
little success. PRS built about three 125 MMBtuh FB gasifiers in 1982-1984.
Two were supplying heat to dryers (drying attapulgite clay for well drillers
mud) in Florida (Southern Companies) and were shut down when gas prices
dropped. One was relocated to Tennessee to fire a boiler in 1998. It may no
longer be in use. The third was used by Kingsford to make charcoal.      


Maybe Syngas International has figured out how to capture significant
quantities of char in the cyclone. In our experience the char yield is
pretty low. In 1989 an employee at Catalyst Energy in North Powder, Oregon,
was selling cyclone char from an Energy Products of Idaho FB gasifier as a
potting soil amendment until we "fixed" the gasifier so that it no longer
made the popcorn sized char. Instead of feeding fuel on top of the FB, which
would allow wood to char and fly out with the gas, we fed the fuel into the
bed. The higher heat transfer and aggressive abrasion of the sand bed breaks
down the light char particles promoting combustion and gasification. Char
made in the FB would be subjected to 648C-760 C (1200F-1400F). Char formed
above the bed may reach 800C+ at short residence times. 



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