[Gasification] Enventix: Syngas and Biochar from Waste

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     Helo Tim

  See the information published in the site , the link you sent

 E*nventix integrated oxygen-free gasification and steam generation system
enables highly-efficient and cost-effective clean power generation and
synthetic materials and fuels from coal, petroleum coke, biomass or any
organic waste. It reduces the cost of Integrated Coal Gasification Plant
(IGCC) by more than 24% and increases the efficiency by more than 15%*
*** The new process show answer to our old following important questions

  Can any one know in our  the product gas is  producer gas  or  GEK type
 quality gas  , which   was  the source  for  hot  topic in our list.

    Syngas is possible  to make without  pure oxygen and also  with reduced
capital investments ?

   Is it  pure syngas  or  gas with  better  quality?

  Is this site  above publication about syngas   can be true or  not ?

 Can  SOFC fuell cell engine can more economical than Ic engines and
turbines ?

   Can production of  methanol  from syngas , can be more viable

Yours truley

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 4:58 PM, Tom Miles <tmiles at trmiles.com> wrote:

> Here's a new gasification/biochar company and process: Enventix
> http://www.enventixinc.com/
> http://enventixinc.com/scientific_advisory_board.php
> To be presented at:
> Distributed Waste-to-Clean-Power
> Thursday, Feb 17 6:30p at
> <
> http://events.mercurynews.com/santa-clara-ca/venues/show/4230025-avatar-hot
> el> Avatar Hotel, Santa Clara, CA
> Enventix Clean Power from Waste Biomass
> Enventix's patent-pending Enpresso system is a breakthrough in the
> production of pure syngas for a gas turbine from mixed waste or biomass
> without the need for pure oxygen. It enables the conversion of waste
> biomass
> to clean, renewable electricity at the distributed scale using
> high-efficiency gas turbines. The two-step process first converts organics
> to bio-oil in a closed-loop, low-temperature, thermal batch cycle. The
> reformer then enriches the bio-oil with steam to pure syngas. The syngas is
> sent to a gas turbine or solid oxide fuel cell for power generation. Having
> 38% theoretical efficiency, this process offers a promising option for
> distributed scale waste-to- power generation.
> Dr. Monem Alyaser is the Chief Executive Officer of Enventix.  Monem is an
> entrepreneur, materials process engineer, and expert in the design and
> optimization of high temperature reactors, furnaces and processes. He has
> over 20 years of experience in research in heat transfer and reacting
> flows.
> Dr. Alyaser is the inventor of the Enventix integrated gasification and
> steam generation system, and the biochar converter. Monem earned a B.S.
> degree in metallurgical engineering from Laurentian University, and a Ph.D.
> in Metals & Materials Engineering from the University of British Columbia.
> Sponsored by EcoGreen Group of Silicon Valley and Right Management Clean
> Tech Forum.
> When:      Thursday February 17, 2011
> Where:     Avatar Hotel,"The Garage" meeting room
> 4200 Great America Parkway
> Santa Clara, CA
> Schedule: 6:30 - 7:00 pm Registration & Networking
> 7:00 - 8:00 pm Program
> 8:00 - 8:30 pm Q&A
> Tickets:     Free Event
> Who Should Attend:
> Individuals from the private and public sector looking for:
> Awareness of California's current and future energy needs
> Investment, technology development and career opportunities
> Role of energy efficiency and conservation in meeting future needs
> Professional development and networking opportunities
> ** Program subject to change. Sign up for our Email Newsletter to get
> latest
> event details. Contact events at ecogg.org for more information.
> http://www.ecogreengroup.org/
> http://events.mercurynews.com/santa-clara-ca/events/show/161905825-distribut
> ed-wastetocleanpower
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