[Gasification] Enventix: Syngas and Biochar from Waste

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As the owner, principal sponsor, and administrator of this list for 15 years
(since 1996) I can tell you that syngas is within the scope of this
discussion. See list purpose below.) Gas production and refining to
synthesis gases are also within the scope of the list. 


Much of the discussion on the list has been on producer gas and its
application to engines simply because that is what the more vocal members
(of 1200) on the list seem to be interested in. Many list members have
extensive experience in developing gasifiers for the production of liquid
fuels and fuel cells. 


Before you ask general questions on the list be sure to do your research. We
have placed a large amount of information and links to gasification research
and development on the gasification website that we maintain to support this
discussion. Study the information and links at
www.gasifiers.bioenergylists.org and in the discussion archives. We welcome
information that we can add to the site.


Almost all gasification processes to power or liquid fuels are expensive
today compared with traditional combustion technologies. Most of these are
still in development. Reg Miller, a principal at Enventix, is one of many
researchers who have been developing systems to make high quality gases from


I do not think that biomass gas - SOFC have become competitive yet with
other conversion technologies like IC engines, ORC or gas turbines. The
economic questions are evaluated each year by researchers around the world.
You will find techno-economic studies in the presentations at many meetings.


Kind regards,


Tom Miles




About the Gasification Discussion List (from
www.gasifiers.bioenergylists.org) :

"The purpose of this "Gasification" list is to promote the development and
introduction of gasification of biomass to syngas for liquid fuels, heat and

The scope is broad:

"promote" includes technical information exchange, discussion of
difficulties and means to overcome them, identification of pertinent
literature and expertise, etc.,

"development" includes such topics as research, development, demonstration
and commercial manufacturing techniques. 

"introduction" includes world-wide, using products fabricated in factories,
the traditional sector, or by users. 

"improved" refers to factors that will reduce biomass consumption, improve
the health of users, reduce pollution (both locally
and globally), and/or augment income (as through charcoal-making),

"biomass" includes wood, charcoal, crop residues, and animal manures. 

"gasifiers" can be used for heat generation for drying, curing, steam or hot
water, syngas for liquid fuels production or fuel gas for power generation
through engines and turbines.

The scope excludes commercial promotion of any specific corporation, but
product identification and product factual information
is encouraged."


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     Helo Tim 


  See the information published in the site , the link you sent 


 Enventix integrated oxygen-free gasification and steam generation system
enables highly-efficient and cost-effective clean power generation and
synthetic materials and fuels from coal, petroleum coke, biomass or any
organic waste. It reduces the cost of Integrated Coal Gasification Plant
(IGCC) by more than 24% and increases the efficiency by more than 15%


 The new process show answer to our old following important questions 


  Can any one know in our  the product gas is  producer gas  or  GEK type
quality gas  , which   was  the source  for  hot  topic in our list.


    Syngas is possible  to make without  pure oxygen and also  with reduced
capital investments ?


   Is it  pure syngas  or  gas with  better  quality?


  Is this site  above publication about syngas   can be true or  not ?


 Can  SOFC fuell cell engine can more economical than Ic engines and
turbines ?


   Can production of  methanol  from syngas , can be more viable 


Yours truley


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