[Gasification] Enventix: Syngas and Biochar from Waste

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Tue Jan 18 13:22:34 CST 2011

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>  Brian.
> I have brought this matter up on several occasions regarding
> secondary exposure of thermal energy to the output gas. It seems to
> me that raising the temperature within a reaction chamber in the
> absence of oxygen and adding steam through a hollow carbon rod, 

..sounds like a nice sophisticated, expensive way to make synthetic 
gas out of that steamy carbon tube. ;o)

> the tip of which is producing a plasma can only improve the quality
> and quantity of usable gas, which will more than compensate for the
> electrical energy used.
>  There will be a considerable reduction in the flow of air for
> pyrolysis. In fact commercial plasma reactors do not require any air
> for combustion the oxygen is derived from steam. Use could be made of
> the hot exhaust stream from an ICE  to torrify the "FUEL" in order to
> produce the required gas flow  through such a reactor, thus claiming
> much of the thermal energy being wasted. the final product would also
> produce methanol not tar. I hope to obtain a high enough plasma
> temperature with the use of micro wave excitation, 2.4 Ghz radiation
> can travel through some types of refractory. this will cut costs
> considerably.

..you can contain that MW scale 2.4Ghz radiation so you don't
jam out mW scale 2.4Ghz WIFI, Bluetooth and cell phone etc
communications?  (Would make a nice revenge for my first ISP 
job though, we were WIFI-based and were jammed out of business 
by Telenor's home WIFI routers.)

..med vennlig hilsen = with Kind Regards from Arnt Karlsen
...with a number of polar bear hunters in his ancestry...
  Scenarios always come in sets of three: 
  best case, worst case, and just in case.

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