[Gasification] Enventix: Syngas and Biochar from Waste

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I wouldn't say it was sophisticated or difficult to rework a couple of road side microwave ovens.
This guy seems to be able to cast metal and talk on his cellphone at the same time.
Extra cooling of the magnetrons is essential,the 12volt fans are only $6 each,
An awareness of the dangers of stray radiation is useful. A sheet
metal enclosure suitably grounded, forming a "Faraday cage" will help.
Fluorescent tubes will glow in the presence of such radiation and as you say
RFI will prevail if you are careless, 
Carbon arc furnaces are old technology.and not cheap to run unless you make your own electrodes.
I think its great that some of the group are thinking out side the box.

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 I have brought this matter up on several occasions regarding
 secondary exposure of thermal energy to the output gas. It seems to
 me that raising the temperature within a reaction chamber in the
 absence of oxygen and adding steam through a hollow carbon rod, 
..sounds like a nice sophisticated, expensive way to make synthetic 
as out of that steamy carbon tube. ;o)
> the tip of which is producing a plasma can only improve the quality
 and quantity of usable gas, which will more than compensate for the
 electrical energy used.
  There will be a considerable reduction in the flow of air for
 pyrolysis. In fact commercial plasma reactors do not require any air
 for combustion the oxygen is derived from steam. Use could be made of
 the hot exhaust stream from an ICE  to torrify the "FUEL" in order to
 produce the required gas flow  through such a reactor, thus claiming
 much of the thermal energy being wasted. the final product would also
 produce methanol not tar. I hope to obtain a high enough plasma
 temperature with the use of micro wave excitation, 2.4 Ghz radiation
 can travel through some types of refractory. this will cut costs
..you can contain that MW scale 2.4Ghz radiation so you don't
am out mW scale 2.4Ghz WIFI, Bluetooth and cell phone etc
ommunications?  (Would make a nice revenge for my first ISP 
ob though, we were WIFI-based and were jammed out of business 
y Telenor's home WIFI routers.)
.med vennlig hilsen = with Kind Regards from Arnt Karlsen
..with a number of polar bear hunters in his ancestry...
 Scenarios always come in sets of three: 
 best case, worst case, and just in case.
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