[Gasification] Range Fuels Closing Plant

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Tom, not sure of the point you are making, but my point is that if one
country choses to eliminate funding for research and development and all of
the other countries that it competes against does not,  the county that
chose not to fund it will soon be forced to buy all of its hight technology
equipment and services from the other countries.  Over time, its currency
will decline and its standard of living will decline.  It is much wiser to
keep funding research and development and just try to get better at how you
do it.    
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JL>Keep in mind that is how the U.S. got to the moon.


As Senator John Glenn commented at his retirement about the countdown, "I
felt exactly how you would feel if you were getting ready to launch and knew
you were sitting on top of two million parts -- all built by the lowest
bidder on a government contract." 

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