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Mon Jan 24 21:39:50 CST 2011

Dear Jim

One subject for next weeks discussion is complete vs pyrolytic gasification.  Pyrolytic gasification produces 20% charcoal AND a much richer gas.  I wish I had the analysis, but i ll take a bet it is more than 225 Btu/scf.  It depends on how much value is I the charcoal which you pick.

Tom Reed

Dr Thomas B Reed
President, The Biomass Energy Foundation

On Jan 24, 2011, at 4:55 PM, jim mason <jim at allpowerlabs.org> wrote:

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> > Tom
> >
> > Range fuel gasification technology was an externally heated
> > pressuries pipe with a transport screew inside when I saw it.
> > It was very similar to the pyrolysis unit on the wiking gasifier but
> > they had ideas to upscale it to 4 tons pr hour by stacking pipes with
> > screew conveyers. Thinking of the challenges of making the 1 tons pr
> > hour screew pyrolyser in Haslev i have doubts this principle will
> > ever be competitive for energy production - even for atmospherich
> > applications. Thomas Koch
> thomas, why did you think a stacked array of skinny auger retorts won't work?   this seems a known solution that tends to work as far as i know.  of course the proof is in the material handling with specific fuels.
> did you find it difficult to keep the auger straight and working?  difficult to keep the heat out of the motor and bearings at the ends?
> any secret cautionary tales we should know of?
> jim
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