[Gasification] Syngas, why not just fix it?

Pete&Sheri spaco at baldwin-telecom.net
Thu Jan 27 13:26:32 CST 2011

This topic sure has taken up a lot of time.  Why not just fix it if 
y'all don't like it the way it is?
   Earlier I suggested that the analysis of this mystery gas might fit 
into some numbering system, as is done with steel.
It seems to me that this group is the right one to do it.
  One could at least deal with the top half dozen components, couldn't one?

Again, back to the steel analogy--- we don't have any problems talking 
about A36, 1018, W1, etc..

Maybe, a letter for the top component?
Maybe a 2 tier system,; one for those gases with N2 and one for those 

Maybe someone could at least tell me why this shouldn't be done now?

Pete Stanaitis

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