[Gasification] Range Fuels Closing Plant

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I think GF has a point about how politics work with financing.  The money chase by an inventor seems both predetermined and rigged, even more so where large sums of money are involved.  
Re Range Fuels, a report says; "The first step converts the biomass to synthesis gas and the second step converts the gas to ethanol."
Does the first step make producer gas or syngas?  Apparently the technical review didn't know the difference or was asked to overlook it and it makes about a 10x difference.  
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I cannot offer "proof"  of the truth of my statement, If I could, I would not. because I really don't care. I could write a book on the subject to show people how they are being manipulated and "shaken down" by a well organized creed who has taken over the western world.
No doubt with the passing of time you might see it. The worst is yet to come. The sad thing is we fully deserve it.

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That is a pretty nasty and bold claim, do you have any facts to back that up?


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                               Government Grants and Ethanol.

I think we all agree on: THE GREAT ETHANOL SWINDLE.
This is where our tax dollars are diverted into non economic production 
of a fuel additive which supposedly saves us from climate change.
The primary players in this scam have made sure their methods together with the cash cow they have created ?REMAINS INTACT?
The last thing they desire is a new and more efficient system to be discovered or adopted.
So how do they protect their interests?
Quite simply, take control of any new committees  responsible for the selection of grants which might produce an alternative to their scam.
How could such a wasteful and useless system be chosen for Federal Investment unless the people on the committee had an agenda which also included the grant seekers.
The naivety of those who believe that poor judgment on the part of the perpetrators is the primary cause of such ?losses? should have their voting rights revoked.
There are no accidents or poor judgment in politics. That is the excuse generated by a stupid and trusting electorate.
It will not matter how merit worthy your claim is for grant money, it will not be considered worthy if it challenges an established ?funded? system. 
It might be chosen if it has ?floors?, in which case, be prepared to share it with at least one member of the committee.


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Tom writes: Wonder why anyone stays in this field?

Reply: It pays well.

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