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Outstanding email, thank you!

In the Power Point presentation there is the comment "even corn(which is
even better than pellets)." Should I interpret this to mean it is better
to grow corn and burn the seeds than to pelletize, say, switchgrass ??

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In owner's box near the end of the PPP:

"As heating oil prices rise to $3/gal, wood, pelletized biomass, even
corn (which is even better than pellets), is becoming cheap enough to
burn.  In competing for this resource thermal applications will beat
vehicular fuels, even assuming lignocellulosic to ethanol works as well
as its proponents claim.  Anyway, wood fuels, in particular pellets,
displacing heating oil would increase supply of gasoline and diesel more
than ethanol... So what will is better ??  ?

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> I attach a Power Point presentation we gave in Vancouver BC in 2006. 



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