[Gasification] Re The Range fuels failure. Observations from a lon, long term skeptic

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When one reads:

"An optimized and streamlined consolidated bioprocessing platform offers the
potential to provide important production cost efficiencies and economic
returns to global ethanol producers," stated Pramod Chaudhari, Founder and
Executive Chairman, Praj Industries Ltd., and Chairman, Praj Group.

"Our partnership with Praj represents a transformational initiative for
Qteros," stated John A. McCarthy, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer
of Qteros."

.understand that this is pure, meaningless FLUFF! Every charlatan working
the crowd today seems to use this kind of empty language in order to
hypnotize suckers out of their money. Transformational, my arse! This is the




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Qteros caims the following:


Sophisticated Technology, Streamlined Process

Qteros brings the critical missing factor required for the successful
commercialization of cellulosic ethanol: a highly-integrated, streamlined
and low-cost process.

Combining proprietary science and advanced microbiology with proven process
engineering, Qteros has developed an industry-standard Consolidated
Bioprocessing (CBP) platform that simplifies complex engineering operations,
reduces costly production steps and delivers low-cost cellulosic ethanol
from a broad variety of non-food feedstock sources.

Please read the following:



Is this process commercially feasible to produce ethanol economically?


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