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Rolf Uhle energiesnaturals at gmx.de
Sun Jan 30 12:39:42 CST 2011

Hallo Brian, Doug and list,

this looks amazing ! The filtering seems to be very good.

You and Doug seem to have experience with stocking producer gas.

May I ask you some questions ?

We have 5 separate houses/cabins on our land , all of them with solar and 
individual wood and /or almond shell burning fireplaces .
All of them are hidronic underfloor systems with hot sanitary water tanks .

The distances between  these houses make a central water heat distribution 
system rather inviable.

We are off grid and run electricitywise on solar, wind and micro hydro.
There is a backup generator slow speed diesel running on WVO.

My idea is to connect all houses to a single gassifier of around 40 -50 kW gas 
output and store a few hours gas in a gasometer and have the gassy start and 
stop and run at close to full output as the gasometer level demands so as to 
give it " an easy life " tarwise.

The clean and cool gas could run through ordinary PE pipes to the individual 
houses where it should burn in gas furnaces.

A part of it could run the Listeroid genset which already works in chp mode.

I remember systems like this being built in Switzerland until 30-40 years ago 
for large kitchens and heating boilers in hotels and other remote buildings 
in the mountains. The manufacturer was located in Horgen on Lake Zurich.
I would have to dive very deep into my old records to find him...

I attended the Germany GEK workshop with Jim last year, but he seems to busy 
to have time to spare for me. It is a pity.


Do you have a gassifier of that range 40 - 50 kW gas, not engine kW ?

Do you think that after scrubbing the gas could be "compressed " slightly to 
300-400 mb and stored in a gasometer ?

Has anybody sent producer gas through PE pipes over 150 m ? 

Where do you expect the real difficulties ?

Looking foreward to your answer.


Am Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011 18:06:37 schrieb Brian D Paasch:
> On Jan 29, 2011, at 8:10 PM, doug.williams wrote:
> > To finger the problem of using industrial scale producer gas, is that
> > most large systems are not tar free, and if you need to compress the gas,
> > technical challenges come thick and fast.
> Doug,
> Oh goodness yes! We've not been willing to TOUCH the compression challenges
> until we got our gas pretty darn clean. I'm cautiously optimistic with
> where we are at on that task:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNypVoZg3VA
> And right now we're planning on three separate compression steps with
> additional filters between each step.
> And thanks for the pointer to your archives, I will certainly browse!
> -brian
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