[Gasification] Sawdust in Fan TLUD

Paul S. Anderson psanders at ilstu.edu
Fri Jun 3 08:46:26 CDT 2011

Dear All,

I totally agree with Tom Reed's comments (below).

Particle size is subjective, and some people call sawdust what I would  
call small shavings.  If you can see the curl in the cut of the wood,  
that material can probably be used in a Fan Assisted (FA) TLUD.  I and  
others have done that on experimental basis.

I know of nobody focused on "sawdust" in TLUDs.  Too much air could  
create channels or what Tom R. called "spouted."

At Chip Energy, Paul Wever and I have successfully used some mixtures  
of sawdust with other larger-sized fuels, but not successfully with  
100% sawdust even when we used compressed air to be sure to be able to  
blow through the fuel pile.

To date, the only consistently successful "small particle" fuel in a  
TLUD-FA is rice husks.  That work is credited to Alexis Belonio in the  
Philippines, and much further work by Paul Olivier in Vietnam.

So, I suspect that wood particles as small as rice husks could be  
successfully used in a TLUD-FA.  But sawdust does not come in such  
nicely uniform particles of that size.

Somebody is asking.  I hope we hear of their interests and experiences.

I say frequently:  We only know about 20% of what is available to be  
learned about TLUD pyrolytic gasifier devices.  There is so much yet  
to do and learn.   All are encouraged to join in these efforts.

Paul S. Anderson, PhD
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Quoting Thomas Reed <tombreed2010 at gmail.com>:

> TM
> Depends greatly on the sawdust particle size and moisture content.   
> With very coarse sawdust should work ok.
> With a small fan you may get no penetration.  With a larger fan you  
> are likely to get a spouted of fluidized bed.
> Tom Reed
> Dr Thomas B Reed
> President, The Biomass Energy Foundation
> www.Woodgas.com
> On Jun 3, 2011, at 8:55 AM, "Tom Miles" <tmiles at trmiles.com> wrote:
>> TLUD-ites,
>> Does anyone have experience gasifying sawdust in a fan powered  
>> TLUD? Continuous feed?
>> Tom Miles
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