[Gasification] Sawdust in Fan TLUD

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Several compacting screw feeders have been used with gasifiers. A few are
commercially available. They do work but there is a limit to the pressure
you can withstand and the material must be uniform. Often the seal is not
reliable and dry fuel is very abrasive.

Dry wood is about 10 lb/ft3 (160 kg/m3). A bulk density of about 16 lb/ft3
(256 kg/m3) provides very nice porosity in gasifiers and combustors for a
densified product. Low density cubes or pellets break up nicely on grates
and in fluidized beds. Modern wood pellets are typically 35-40 lb/ft3
(560-640 kg/m3).

To get to a bulk density of 16 lb/ft3 (256 kg/m3) you need to put about
50-75 kWhe/tonne of product on the auger. 


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Could one possibly semi-pelletize the sawdust directly at the input to the
gasifier?  I see pellet makers that use a screw extrusion method.  If one
could get enough compaction to loosely hold the particles together, right at
the input point, then there wouldn't be the "spouting" discussed previously.
There also wouldn't be all that pressurized air to deal with.  The compacted
material would also create a "seal" between the gasifier and the outside
world, if needed.

Pete Stanaitis

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