[Gasification] Sawdust in Fan TLUD

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Sun Jun 5 08:58:13 CDT 2011

On Sunday 05 June 2011 14:30:37 Thomas Koch wrote:
> Yes it was a machine that created som puck like lumps out of straw - i
> think you are right - you need something like 2-500 MPa to form a
> stable densification in a very short time - thus if you have rollers
> you will get enourmous dimensions on the axels and bearings . You ca
> reduce this force if you increase the time - but then capacity drops.

I suppose speed is more important in a mobile plant, to keep up with the 
harvest you'd need to process in the order of 50 tonnes/hour??

I could see the need for the diameter of the press wheels to be smaller 
than the sprocket which leads to chain drives above and below the press 
to spread the drive load around the periphery.
> Can you please explain the work of you mate once more for a viking
> tyhat are not familiar with all the abreviations?  (mc wbb ??)

It was very simple trials to squeeze whole (short) logs through a steel 
plate with shallow conical holes drilled through it such that their edges 
overlapped to produce a knife like series of ridges.

As fresh wood is full of water the forces necessary were too high to force 
the wood through and collapse the cell structure. If the wood was dry ( 
10% moisture content on a Wet Weight Basis) then the wood could be 
comminuted by forcing it through the pate and producing a wholle wood 
pellet at the same time. It was not pursued as the throughput was low and 
it looked like abrasion would be an issue with keeping the die sharp.


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