[Gasification] Stove Scale Gasification: 2011 BEF Camp at NESFI: August 7-12, 2011

Erin Rasmussen erin at trmiles.com
Tue Jun 14 19:31:36 CDT 2011


2011 Biomass Energy Foundation at the New England Small Farm Institute

August 7-12, 2011

The Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF, http://www.woodgas.com/) is launching
around the world in 2011 its instructional five-day events called "BEF
Camps". Each BEF Camp is a structured learning experience, where the
technical foundation, practical skills and fabrication methods of
constructing biomass-fueled devices
are taught and put into practice with hands-on efforts by the participants.

See the attached flyer or

and http://biochar.bioenergylists.org/files/2011_BEF_Camp_at_NESFI.pdf

for more details.


Erin Rasmussen

TR Miles Techical Consultants Inc.

and BioEnergy Discussion Lists

erin at trmiles.com


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