[Gasification] 2011 BEF Camp at NESFI: August 7-12, 2011

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2011 BEF Camp at NESFI: August 7-12, 2011

Gasifier Stoves, Biochar, CHAB, and More ..


The Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF, http://www.woodgas.com/) is launching
around the world in 2011 its instructional five-day events called "BEF
Camps". Each BEF Camp is a structured learning experience, where the
technical foundation, practical skills and fabrication methods of
constructing biomass-fueled devices are taught and put into practice with
hands-on efforts by the participants.


A typical BEF Camp starts with a social gathering Sunday evening, followed
by two days of structured learning, building and burning. Typical days are
divided between discussing combustion concepts, learning fabrication
techniques while building small prototype devices that demonstrate the
concepts, and operating the devices on both supplied and locally available
fuels. Evenings are either social gatherings (including one meal prepared on
the stoves) or additional time to fabricate and operate biomass-burning
devices, collaborating in small groups of 2 to 5, and learning from insights
and experiences of fellow participants.


The final two and a half days feature focused applications of the acquired
skills to individual circumstances dictated by personal interests, unique
fuels or culturally specific opportunities (determined based on participant
interests for each camp).  The instructors work in conjunction with small
groups of  "makers and testers", with supplies available to prototype
concepts and verify designs. 


Following the inaugural CHAB (Combined Heat And Biochar) Camp last summer at
NESFI (New England Small Farm Institute, http://www.smallfarm.org/), this
year's event will broaden the topics covered to allow specialization into
individual interests. The main themes of this year's camp include:


Theory and Practice of Biomass Gasification: TLUDs, Retorts and Gasifiers
TLUD Micro Gasification: Cooking with gas from biomass 

Running a GEK: using gasification vapors and modifications for making
biochar Jolly Rogers: 5 gal to 55 gal TLUDs and Retort combinations for
biochar production CHAB Devices: Capturing and using heat from batch and
continuous TLUDs; Dealing with special fuels such a Jatropha seeds, rice
husks, and briquettes


The scope of the individual topics will be determined by interest and skills
of the attendees. 


The tuition for the 2011 BEF Camp at NESFI will be $400, payable to the New
England Small Farm Institute (P.O. Box 937, Belchertown, MA 01007), a
land-based non-profit organization. Documentation will be provided
concerning the extent the tuition is tax deductible. 


For further information concerning payments and local lodging options,
please contact Warren Hubley at warren at smallfarm.org or 413-323-4531.
Reservations and pre-payments of tuition are appreciated and assist
efficient execution of the BEF Camp.  For those who desire, tent camping (no
hook ups are available, but showers, toilets and kitchen facilities will be)
is available at the NESFI site for attendees during the 2011 BEF Camp.


For further information about the camp activities, please contact Hugh
McLaughlin at wastemin1 at verizon.net or 978-448-6414.




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