[Gasification] Any experience with Stak Properties 10K gasifier?

Pete & Sheri spaco at baldwin-telecom.net
Tue Jun 21 22:12:47 CDT 2011

My $.02:
  Don't know about #1 personally, but I think I have seen a video or two by
Ben Peterson where he is using those pellets.  He did caution that they have
to be well bonded so they don't turn to powder in the process of
feeding/bridging control.

Re: 2, 3 and 4.:
The screen sizes you mention don't tell the whole story because you still
have the problem of variable length.
Recently I spent the better part of several days reducing about 1000 pounds
of roadside/utility company wood chips to about 260 pounds of, what I
thought at the time, would make good gasifier fuel.
  I'd say that #2 is definitely too small.
#3 and #4 might work, if they were as short as the largest x and y
dimensions that you give.  Trouble is that twigs as long 6" can still make
it through the sieves you mention. 
Also, you'd have to sort out the smaller pieces as you go.  That is, for #4,
you couldn't have any #3 or #2 chips in with them.  I culled dust, "shorts"
and "longs".  Others have different terms.
 Then there's the issue of bark.  They tell me that bark=ash. That's bad.
 Others say that "short and fat" is good.

Personally, when we get going, I think I am shooting for chips at least 3/4"
thick as a min. and no bigger than 2" X 2".

As I said in a recent earlier post, I am going for short 1 and 2" dia.
Branches, and inch or so long.  I will also use only branches with no bark.
We have lots of that around in dead elm. ----Going with Greg and Bill's

Pete Stanaitis

# OK!! Do you think one can make "Engine Grade Gas" using:
1: Wood pellets, 1/4" diameter, 1/4" to 1/2" long?
2: Wood chips screened to -1/4", +1/8"?
3: Wood chips screened to -1/2",+ 1/4"?
4: Wood chips screened to -1", + 1/2"?



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