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Tom Miles tmiles at trmiles.com
Fri Jun 24 08:39:48 CDT 2011



Many thanks for the all of the generous suggestions regarding orange peels.
We'll compile them and put them on the websites while we determine what is
most suitable for the particular application in Southern Africa. 


I have to admit that when I last looked at a pile of orange peels (in
Brazil) I wasn't thinking of how they could be used. It certainly looks like
at sufficient scale the limonene may be worth recovering.  At smaller scales
management (rotting) or use (briquetting, drying, charring) of the peel also
seems to have potential. Pigs and chickens would also probably recycle the
peel, or make enough of a mess to be incorporated in compost or soil.
Feeding to birds with char is not high on my list unless there is a health
benefit. Usually the object is to increase weight gain my increasing intake
rather than reduce intake with a low density material like char.  






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