[Gasification] Operating a Vehicle Imbert with hatch not dogged.

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 Today I took a six mile  drive without the fuel-fill hatch dogged down.
There is a vast range of adjustment setting for the fuel /air-inlet luft-control.
The more the operator screws down on the inlet-valve, the more woodgas is admitted, while at the same time the secondary combustion-air is trimmed.
So it ran well with the hatch ajar. 

There is much convecting pyrolysis gas emitted from wood in the fuel bin, as the load increases. It is sort of a pressure that follows nozzle firing-rate.
Gas-demand remains below this evolving pressure with respect to ramping up fires with this Imbert; open-top. No smoke comes out, and you are good.
Decending grades especially after cresting hills; much smoke issues the fuel bin until the fires cool.

 Jim had wanted discussion on whether fiber stove rope actually seals.
On another list those whom replied, decided it does not, and some sealant-slathering discussion ensued.  
I described how a neoprene O-ring type joint can be bubble-tight.
Uses for this joint are: cyclone tail-bin covers, gas-cooler header-access hand-hole covers (shell and tube exchanger),
and of course high-cycle joints for fuel-fill hatches.

 Renewable Fuel Systems can produce weld-on combings to match gasketed covers; either leaf-spring loaded or static over-center latches.

Diameters are 8" and 12". 

Andrew Schofield
Glrf30 at yahoo dot com

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