[Gasification] Sealing for gasifier?

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Sun Sep 4 22:49:03 CDT 2011



>From current discussions about gasification system sealing, I just recalled
how we sealed vacuum heat treating vessels that had to be good down to about
10 ^-6 microns or better.  We used Quad rings in milled (trepanned)
recesses, with vacuum greases applied.  These seals were resealable many
dozens of times.  I don't know about temperature ranges available for them.
In our case, we used them on the exterior joints of the vessels where the
temps seldom exceeded the boiling point of water.  But that was in the
1960's, so I wouldn't be surprised if materials have improved a lot since

  A "Quad ring" is a sort-of  square cross section ring, with o-shaped



for a better look at one style.  There are others.


Pete Stanaitis


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