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Toby Seiler seilertechco at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 24 13:09:12 CDT 2011

Thanks Bob, you are so right that this requires a US Zip code and that it does affect you, even if indirectly.
I would hope that the subject of judges requiring truth in a court of law, is universal and not irrelevent to those outside of the US.
I have been involved now in three court cases as the Plaintiff, with and without an attorney and in each one the judge has assisted the defense to take my property without paying for it. All have that commonality. 
I'm witnessing court at the local level and the state level that refuse to curtail open, judicially noticed attorney fraud, extorting title under color of law.  
The judges are assisting the thieves who have obviously paid thier attorneys handsomely to help them avoid liability AND keep my stolen property. They got $70k of my skin in 2003 and some real property recently.
Three cases filed...three frauds that judges had actual knowledge of the fraud, allowed it to continue against objection (did it anyway ignoring rules of court) then pretend, even "certify" to the DOJ that it was done correctly.  Open, judicially noticed fraud prevailed in court AND on appeal.  
Judges are alligned with corrupt attorneys and thieves and honest services cannot be expected....which is the true demise of a republic, I believe. Apparently thieves and their attorneys make big campain contributions.  
Even more shocking is that nothing is being done to curtail it because our legislators and executive (President) are members of the bar (attorney licence) and will not act to "check" abuse in the judiciary, because they will loose their license. That's verifiable fact, not conjecture, which I will gadly provide proof to anyone personally.  Their retaliation is swift.
It's a conflict of interest showing itself, facilitating the judicial and financial class rise to power which acts to subvert freedoms and our constitution for most people while our executive and legislators do nothing.  God help us because judicial nihilism is upon us,
Anarchy in the US will have profound effects and without some serious change of course, the titanic is going to strike the iceburg and it will surely pull others down with it.  
On the bright side I have about 8 signatures of 5000 and about 26 days left. 
Best regards,
Toby Seiler
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