[Gasification] 2 MWe Gasifier at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

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Did you see the fuel? I had understood, from a phone call with them, 
that the basic spec for their condo heating unit in Victoria was 3" 
minus but when I peered in the window there last year it looked like 
1" or 3/4" minus.

On Monday 25/06/2012 at 10:53 am, Tom Miles  wrote:
> >Hi Tom,
> >This looks very interesting project. Can you please share project 
> report or any details of configuration? What have you been thinking 
> for gas clean up and tar >elimination?
> I can’t say more than what they have presented to the public. Some 
> of the details are “patent pending.”
> Look at slide 3 of their UBC project profile:
> http://www.nexterra.ca/PDF/Project_Profile_UBC_20120326.pdf
> You’ll see that they:
> 1.       take the low temperature gas from the gasifier,
> 2.      heat it with waste heat from cracked gas,
> 3.      burn the heated gas enough to reduce tars through partial 
> oxidation,
> 4.      cool the gas,
> 5.      filter it,
> 6.      then they cool and condense the gas before going to the 
> engine.
> These are steps they have developed over the last several years for 
> various industrial heat applications, and at 250 kWe at their pilot 
> plant for 3,000 hours. They appear to have met their targets for gas 
> cleaning. At the Pacific West Biomass Meeting in San Francisco in 
> January they showed photos of their engine and oil inspection data for 
> the 250 kWe genset after 2814 hours.
> The engineer responsible for the operation of their engine at UBC has 
> significant experience with GE Jenbacher engines for a variety of 
> fuels and applications. He is absolutely confident about the 
> cleanliness of the gas and the expected low maintenance on the engine.
> “Seeing is believing” in this business so we will soon find out. 
> The system just has to run, and run, and run. . .
> Tom

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