[Gasification] 2 MWe Gasifier at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Tom Miles tmiles at trmiles.com
Mon Jun 25 11:49:22 CDT 2012




The two fuel bins were fuel so I saw the tops of two truckloads. It was clearly 3 inch minus with a large percentage of larger rather than finer fuel. They run the fuel across a disk screen to remove oversize before to goes to a dryer. The overs are sticks and chunks greater than 3 inches. 


I initially expected that they would be limited to rough chunky fuels but in previous visits to the pilot facility in Kamloops and industrial plants in Hefley and Vancouver I have been impressed by the wide range of fuel sizes that they can gasify. They have (or had a few years ago) a full scale cold model of their grate at their pilot facility that they used to optimize fuel distribution. Through these efforts they have been able to increase the size and capacity of their reactor.






>Did you see the fuel? I had understood, from a phone call with them, that the basic spec for their condo heating unit in Victoria was 3" >minus but when I peered in the window there last year it looked like 1" or 3/4" minus.


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