[Gasification] 2 MWe Gasifier at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Tom Miles tmiles at trmiles.com
Mon Jun 25 15:51:28 CDT 2012


You seem to be the bearer of good news. 

Can you deliver a (3 stage) gasifier(s) to deliver 2 MWe to a grid in Alaska? What would you expect the capital and operating costs to be? 

We have a few small communities with electrical loads of 1-2 MWe. Power is currently supplied from diesel generators for USD $0.44-$0.65/kWh. Good clean wood chips are available at $40-50% MC and $USD 85-100/dry ton. #2 heating oil costs about $4.40 or about $32/MMBtu (HHV). Most communities just want to produce power. Heat distribution does not exist but they could probably sell heat in a small loop for about $20/MMBtu. Is there a future for gasification in these communities?


Tom Miles 

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