[Gasification] 2 MWe Gasifier at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Thomas Koch tk at tke.dk
Mon Jun 25 16:15:18 CDT 2012


I am sure this price level is achieveable - BUT BUT BUT - there is a major challege that must be overcommed. 

You need some where you can have 5-10 similar gasifiers operating for 10 of thousans of hours each with in reachable distance from their "parent (s)" and this alone needs 50 - 100 mio $ on top of the market price for the electricity - and it is possible to maintain a stable and bright and not religious brain capacity for a decade or two.

On top of that you need to start with a good idea and that is where most principles fail.
And what does that mean? 
Not too complex - with a potential to handle the challenges that will come in an ECONOMICALLY COMPETITIVE way!!!

Examples - Vølund - Nexterra - CFBs-Repotec and this type of gasifiers will alvays have the challenge og tar/perticle gas handling issues - personally I believe it is too complex to handle in a competitive way. 
FCC - may be large scale - but catalyst and gasifier is a challenge 
2-3 stage - Viking - double feuer - TKE - and the likes have high temperature challenges and reduction challenges and bed stability issues - variation in gaspermeability etc 
Stirling show a large drop in efficiency if upscaled above 50-75 kW thus the biomass handling systems becomes very small and sensitive.
Entrained flow are very big and needs extensive pretreatment of the fuel. 

Many things will work for some time if nursed properly by the enthusiastic developers.


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You seem to be the bearer of good news. 

Can you deliver a (3 stage) gasifier(s) to deliver 2 MWe to a grid in Alaska? What would you expect the capital and operating costs to be? 

We have a few small communities with electrical loads of 1-2 MWe. Power is currently supplied from diesel generators for USD $0.44-$0.65/kWh. Good clean wood chips are available at $40-50% MC and $USD 85-100/dry ton. #2 heating oil costs about $4.40 or about $32/MMBtu (HHV). Most communities just want to produce power. Heat distribution does not exist but they could probably sell heat in a small loop for about $20/MMBtu. Is there a future for gasification in these communities?


Tom Miles 

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