[Gasification] Levelised Energy Cost calculation for UBC 2MWe gasifier

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They offset high priced gas plus a CO2 tax of about CAN$2.75/GJ (?) so the
products are electricity, heat (~12-20% of campus demand), and CO2 tax
offset. It is really a heating plant with a 2 MWe generator.


If the plant electrically efficiency is based on GCV then 24% is probably
too high. It's usually in the 14-17% range. 

>From their published profile:

Electricity Production 15,300,000 kWh/yr

Annual Gas Displacement 86,000 MMBtu/yr (from 9,600 pph steam [now increased
to 20,000 pph]). 

Avoided CO2 Emissions 4,500 tonnes yr

Avoided CO2 Emissions (Car Equivalent) 1,100 cars/yr

Wood Fuel Required 12,500 bone dry tonnes/yr 







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I ran my Levelised Energy Cost Model ($/MWH) for the 2MWe electricity supply
over 20 years for a range of turnkey and fuel costs on the plant using the
following assumptions (I used 24% for electrical efficiency for comparison
with a 5MWe SRC system):

Annual operations (hours)


Annual O&M as % of initial investment


Discount rate


Plant electrical efficiency


Fuel Moisture content


GCV (MJ/kg)


Plant cost

Fuel cost/tonne

















































this is without the revenue from heat sales which would bring the levelised
cost down a bit depending on what they can sell the steam for and for how
many hours a year. If they're using the steam for chillers as well as space
heating this would help bump up steam revenue. Based on some European data,
heat capacity factors might be as low as 15-20%. 

It would be interesting to know the UBC campus electricity load profile. If
the baseload is less than 2MWe they will either have to turndown (less hours
to amortise the supply over which pushes up the price/kWh) or sell into the
Canadian grid at a heavy loss.

The numbers look a lot better as the installed price/kWe comes down. There
probably wouldn't be large learning curve savings on the engines so the
potential drop is in the gasifier price as more get built. The other
potential drop is in the annual O&M. This should come down as the gasifiers



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