[Gasification] 2 MWe Gasifier at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Thomas Koch tk at tke.dk
Wed Jun 27 16:48:57 CDT 2012

Dear List Members

I think I have seen over 250 gasifiers below 1 MWth over the last year.

My assessment is that 200 of them does not work no matter what definition you apply.
But many of them produce smoke and pollution.

25 of the 250 gasifiers have actually operated for more than 10 hours but have failed due to blockage or material fractures before they have obtained steady state conditions.

20 of them was university or technology development center gasifier projects - typically complex and failrly well documented

5 of them was working and being maintained - but at a cost higher than market cost.

I have seen many projects popping up here.

Most small scale projects 10-250 kWel are derivatives of downdraft gasifiers that basically have the same challenges

To be real interesting the gasifier project must present new simple design ideas.

Best reragrds


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You might also wish to add UK Company Thompson Spaven to the list.

They make a 90kWe modular system, which can be stacked to produce  larger systems of up to 500kWe - see link below



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