[Gasification] what does PO stand for?

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Dear Tom and Bruno

Thanks for your kind advice. Sorry, my fault!! it's OP.

Another question is that does OP (operational) also mean (fully) commercial while the other statuses are pilot, demo, and construction? I also found there is another note as "Comm"i n the table. I don't know it means commercial, in commission, or commissioning.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


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KT, Brun,

Good find. I will ask Rich but OP clearly means operational. I recognize many of the ones marked OP as being in operation.


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Hi KT,

You're looking for "OP" and not 'PO' i guess;
while the other statuses are           Pilot, Demo, const(ruction)
it could be  "operational",
so these plants are already in full operation.

Bruno M.
Op 13-3-2012 1:14, ktwu at itri.org.tw<mailto:ktwu at itri.org.tw> schreef:

Dear List

In Dr Richard L. Bain's presentation "Biomass Gasification R&D Activities in North America" at IEA Task 33 Meeting, Pitea, Sweden (Oct 19, 2011),

there is a table about "U.S. Biomass Gasifier Developers" (p. 13). In the table, what does the "PO" stand for in "Status" coulmn? Could anyone tell me the meaning? Thanks.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance indeed.

Best wishes





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