[Gasification] Wood gas and CNG

Robert Kana sinan at biomassindo.com
Fri Mar 16 10:49:17 CDT 2012

Dear list,
We are building a new wood chips/ wooden briquette gasification system, 
to be used in diesel engine to generate power. We know we need to derate 
the diesel engine power. It come to our attention, where we are located 
many oil wells in operation and some of these wells also pumps out 
natural gas. We have been told, that we can buy the natural gas very 
Has anyone before try to mix natural gas with wood gas to use in diesel 
engines? CNG can be used as a secondary fuel for the diesel engines, but 
for the conversion seems to be very costly and amount of the diesel 
replaced is max 30%.
Any research and information regarding CNG mix with woods gas, will be 
very helpful.
Robert Kana, Biomass Energy Indonesia

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