[Gasification] Urban Myth?

Jeff Davis jeff0124 at velocity.net
Tue Mar 20 00:42:15 CDT 2012

Dear Dr. Tom,

Myth or IS standards?

Intrinsic Safety (IS) is for real and should also be respected in our
industry or find something less taxing. You could check your owners
manual to see if your cell phone is certified, but I doubt it.

An Electrical Engineer would take the worst case scenario and apply it
to the design not just most of the time scenario. For example what
happens if an out put transistor fails is there a current limiting
resistor or fuse in place? What happens if you drop the device? What
happens if you change out the battery? Is the case really an explosion
proof housing????

I doubt that your diesel Rabbit will make you exempt. For example you
fill up at a station that also sells gasoline... Maybe a trucker mixed
up the gasoline with your diesel, etc., etc., etc....


On Mon, 2012-03-19 at 08:23 -0400, Thomas Reed wrote:
> I apologize if I was taken in by an Urban Myth purported to come from
> Shell Oil by a good friend. 

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